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Importance of Regular Dental Visits

What’s the fuss around regular dental clinic visits?

Are regular check-ups needed?

And if so, how often does one have to pay a visit to a dental clinic?

Consulting your dentist on a regular basis not only helps in keeping an eye on the health of one’s gums and teeth, but it also helps boost overall oral health. One should visit the doctor at least once in 6 months, or even more frequently as recommended by the dentist.

A typical regular dental check-up visit includes an examination of oral cavity, teeth, gums, and cleaning (oral prophylaxis). The doctor checks for any cavities, plaque, or tartar present, and takes x-rays if required for evaluation.

Plaque is a clear sticky layer of bacteria that covers the tooth surfaces every day. Usually, the plaque can be cleaned by regular brushing. If not cleaned regularly, the plaque hardens by the calcium deposition from saliva and is then called tartar.

Tartar can not be removed by mere brushing or flossing. If not removed, tartar can cause gum diseases, which further escalates to bone loss around the teeth and loosening of them. A simple dental cleaning appointment is far more affordable than the various treatments that may surface due to ignorance.

Initial cavities rarely give any warning signs or may seem like a small ache or so, unless and until the tooth is grossly decayed. This results in a delayed approach to the problem and chances of saving the natural tooth reduce even further.

Visits also help one to keep the bad habits in check that most certainly have a negative health impact. Some of us may not even realize what habits are causing dental damages. These may even include clenching of the jaw, grinding of teeth, effects of drinking tea, coffee, chewing tobacco, and of course, smoking. Some of these habits may have a serious or even life-threatening impact. For instance, small chronic ulcers can go unnoticed, while they have a chance to develop into cancer.

A dentist also evaluates any uncovered or hidden problems or issues of the oral cavity by taking X-rays. It helps in diagnosing issues that are otherwise invisible to the naked eyes. Also, it helps in checking the developing teeth, it's sequence, growth of jaw bone, and much more among children.

Thus, a dentist not just helps in rehabilitation of teeth but also ensures that one’s teeth, gums, and everything related to oral cavity including joints and musculature are healthy and working in harmony. Skipping a dental visit for any random reason or misconception of cost, or dental anxiety, or even not having enough time may not seem like a big deal in the short term, but oral issues may creep on and develop with time, while one may not even notice it.

By prioritizing and scheduling regular dental visits, you’ll be doing a great favour to your own oral health in the long run.

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