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Decoding the Myths Around Childhood Dental Visit

What’s the fuss around children's dental clinic visits?

Are children dental check-ups really needed?

And if so, are Milk Teeth worth the attention and care?

Child Dental Visit

With the invent of new dental techniques, technologies, and supporting equipment, there is an increase in the awareness of people about oral health.

Although more and more people are visiting their dentists and getting their dental health restored by the day, people are still wondering if there is a need for child dentistry. And if at all there is, when should be the tentative first visit of a child.

When we take our child to a dentist, we take a step towards imbibing the importance of oral health in them. Earlier the check-up visits are, healthier their oral health will stay throughout their life.

Child Dental Consultation

Consultations can start long before the first tooth erupts in a baby's mouth. A Doctor can teach the importance of, and how to use a clean cotton cloth to wipe off milk remnants from gums and tongue of the baby to make it ready for healthy erupting teeth.

Early child dental visits help in keeping a check on cavities, tooth decay pain, eruption pain, and any other trouble hinting the issue.

There is a huge importance of drinking water, milk, juices, and other liquids from a cup as early as the first birthday of the baby approaches. Sleeping with milk or juice bottle in the mouth and night time feeding after one year of the child results in the formation of nursing bottle caries.

Dentist Teaching Brushing to Child

A Dentist can teach a kid how to brush their teeth at such a tender age. It also helps in keeping a tap on the existing teeth of the child, such as any decay if present, bite, potential problems with gums, jaws, and other oral tissues, harmful habits like thumb sucking, lip-smacking, mouth breathing, nail-biting, tongue thrusting, etc.

A dentist can make parents sure about the good oral hygiene practices, need for fluoride application, developmental milestones, teething process, and nutrition. A healthy set of teeth and oral cavity not only helps the child in chewing his food properly but also helps in speaking clearly and smiling confidently.

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